Yoga certification is truly one of the most important issues with yoga teacher training in today’s world.

The reason is so important is that there is no International body which accredits yoga teachers and yoga schools aside from hours.

Why it’s important

It’s important in that if yoga teachers are to be seen as a profession then truly there needs to be a standard in which the public experience a consistency in the teachers that teach and in the schools which educate and make those yoga teachers.

Other professions teachers, lawyers, doctors, engineers and social workers all have bodies which accredit  their competency and skills in their particular fields of expertise.

How this looks in reality is is that once someone finishes their education in one of these fields, they then are tested by the governing body of these particular different professions.

This is to warrant and guarantee that they are able to deliver a consistent level of expertise and knowledge to the clients and patients that they serve.

What we do

One of the things that we do which is different then other yoga bodies, is just that we accept the training from all in any yoga teacher training schools throughout the world. We also accept experience as being equivalent to training gained from taking a yoga teacher training program.

What we do that is different is like the other professions – mentioned above – we test teachers and schools to assures that they are able to teach yoga and are actually in fact delivering at a competent level.

In Sum

By doing this, we assured that the future of yoga is safe for all that practice it in the public and assures safe future for this 5000 year old lineage.