It is a state of introspection, spirituality awareness. Union between self and spirit. Physical and mind benefits. A way to release tension and stress, improve flexibility find alignment.

A way of healing mind and body. Path to self-discovery to face our fears, let go of prejudgements, gain self-acceptance and meditation.

A Tool

A tool to show love to everyone. Enlighten others. Know who we are, and bring harmony to others. Yoga will allow people find their wound and to find their purpose, know why we are here and give our gift to the world, what sparks us and become connected to our authentic self.  

Help others. The raising and expansion of consciousness from one self.  A disciplined method for attaining a goal.

Techniques of controlling the body and mind. Overcoming dysfunctional perception and cognition for release from suffering, inner peace and salvation.

A way of finding balance to be happy and free.  


Nowadays, work can take over our lives, we spend several hours and experience life under high stress forgetting what can cause an impact in our physical and mental health.

We live in a world full of challenges and need to find a way to understand it and find control within ourselves while we are surrounded from so many distractions. We are taught to seek and want instead of just living with the flow.

I believe yoga can help us begin making valuable contributions creating space for others to be their best selves.


The reason why I reached is, I feel very confused about where I should go or do with my life.  I’m looking to find my path and help other find theirs.

A physical condition made me desire yoga. I had sciatica pain caused by lifting weight improperly. Went to physio and it help a bit however pain was still there. Doctor send me to a chiropractor and unfortunately instead of helping it made it much worse, causing a pinched nerve in my neck, a numb arm and a whole lot of pain. It has been a big challenge for me to work in pain.

After 2 Years

After 2 years of trying different things to heal from cortisone to massage and stretching. I finally start to feel better and realized how much yoga helps.

2 of my best friends are yoga instructors, they are in great shape one of them even after having her first child. I admire them and decided that could be something I should be doing in order to heal not only my body but also my mind.

I also work for my husband, he is very passionate about his job and I love what he does as well. It’s just that I had other dreams I had to put aside to make his come true. I am a person who thinks of others before myself. After 8 years working for him I realized so much stress was stopping me from healing. We found someone a wonderful person who could do my job at the office and release some of the pressure off my shoulders.  


I also realized that I was becoming angry and unhappy. And the reason of that was not thinking about myself. After reading a book The Purpose of my life my friend gave me (the wonderful person who took my job) I realized that if I’m not happy I can’t make others happy either.

I also come from a disrupted family, my mom suffered from depression, my dad left her and my brother is starting to get depression as well. I feel guilty from leaving my family behind, however I found the love of my life and thought for once in a lifetime to something for myself.

I would like to be able to help them. I don’t really know how. It’s crossed my mind meditation can help my mind think clearly.  


I also liked smoking marijuana with my husband. Something changed as I felt stuck, tired. Now I have no desire to smoke anymore when it is not around me. When I smell it, it does give me some cravings.  

It is crucial in my life to find the answer. He does not want to stop smoking. I thought about leaving him. However, it is not easy as I truly love him. After watching the video yoga is, there was a quote that was remarkable to me. “If you are a drug addict, you are meant to go back into the drug addict community and serve them.” That gave me some hope that I could help him.


I feel really lost, I would love to work on what I studied what I pursued. Fashion design. I spent several years of my life studying it, I have a talent and big passion for it. I have thought of meditation as a path to get to it.  

When I researched yoga training and found this course, it seemed to me the perfect combination to achieve my purpose. Healing my hurt body with a physical activity like yoga and straighten my confused mind through meditation.

I look forward to completing this course, meeting wonderful people and find enlightenment.