Injuries and Qualities

According to recent blog entitled: Yoga’s Growing Threat of Legal LiabilityMany of these newbie teachers really aren’t qualified to teach all that much, and what they know, while offering a modicum of callisthenic stimulation, improved flexibility,  or short-term stress relief, may not have much long-term benefit, many yoga experts says.”


As injuries related to yoga are on the rise, liability questions arise more from yoga teacher and yoga studio owners.

The simple answer is, liability is a part of being a yoga teacher or running a yoga studio. You can’t escape this fact, just because we believe everything should be about love and acceptance, does not mean that those who don’t practice yoga would agree with this.

Don’t need it

The fact is, you could navigate as a yoga teacher or yoga studio without yoga insurance. A good waiver and being Incorporated, are two ways to shield yourself from liability legally.

However, if you’re looking at insurance, it pays to do your research and to look around. Below is a breakdown of the more reputable insurance companies that cover yoga studios & yoga teachers:

  • Lackner and Mclennan: They offer directly insurance for teacher at $215.00. This is a popular insurance company for yoga teachers
  • Sport Insurance Canada: Offer $130.00 a year provided you are registered with them
  • Hub Insurance: offers $2 Million Liability (excluding hot yoga) for $195.00 provided you are registered with the American Yoga Alliance. If you are registered with CYA the cost is 150.00
  • Offer insurance starting from $150