These Standards are requirements to become a Registered Yoga School (RYS) that offers a 200-hour program.

Program Requirements

Techniques, Training and Practice


Boat/Bridge/Cat-Cow/Chair/Child/Cobra/Corpse/Dolphin/Downward Facing Dog/Eagle/Fish/Happy Baby/Mountain Pose/Plank Pose/Seated Forward Bend/Side Plank Pose/Sphinx Pose/Tree Pose/Triangle Pose/Upward-Facing Dog Pose/Warrior I/Warrior II/ Warrior III


Alternate nostril/Ujji Breath/Belly Breath

Chanting & Mantra

Gayatri Mantra/OM


Gyana mudra/Shuni Mudra/Surya Ravi Mudra/Buddhi Mudra/Prana Mudra/Dhyana Mudra/Anjali Mudra

Contact Hrs 55     Non Contact Hrs 60         Min Hours With The Main Leads 30      Total Hrs 115

Teaching Methodology

Communication Skills/Voices/Demonstrating/Learning Styles/Business Of Yoga (must include marketing and legal info)

Contact Hrs 10     Non Contact Hrs 20       Min Hours With The Main Leads 25      Total Hrs 30 

Anatomy and Physiology

Human Anatomy and Physiology/Chakras

Contact Hrs: 15     Non Contact Hrs: 10     Min Hours With Leads: 10       Total Hrs: 25 

Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle and Ethics for Yoga

Yoga Sutras/Bhagavad Gita/Yoga Lifestyle Ethics

Contact Hrs 5   Non Contact Hrs 15     Min Hours With Main Leads 10      Total Hrs 20


10 class taught outside classroom post training

Contact Hrs 0     Non Contact Hrs 10        Min Hours With Main Leads 0      Total Hrs 10

Total Contact Hours 85 hrs

Total Non Contact Hours 115 hrs

Min Total Hours With Main Leads 75 hrs

Total Hours 200 hrs

Online 200 Program Requirements

  • The entire hours of this program can be done online (i.e. non contact hours). To be allowed to certify as an online school for this program:
    • Schools must meet the overall hour requirements as the in person program requirements above.
    • Students need to be tested both in theory (e.g. yoga philosophy, etc) and practice (e.g. the ability to teach class) to demonstrate that they have gained the same level of knowledge and skill that would be obtained if they had taken the program in person, thus schools need to show in their syllabus how they will evaluate theory (e.g. yoga philosophy, etc) and practice (e.g. the ability to teach class) via exams or other form of evaluation.

Lead Requirements

  • All leads of a 200 hour program requires a  ERYT 200 or 500 or equivalents.
  • Maximum of 2 trainers per program per location.

Application Process

* Read over the requirements and complete a school syllabus

*Fill out an application for free

*Application will be reviewed

*Pay fees

*Receive a school registration and registration material and info