All Registered Yoga Teachers (RYT) regardless of designation must complete the following Continuing Education (CE) requirements every two years starting from your initial date of registration:

  1. 40 hours teaching yoga, and
  2. 30 hours of yoga related training which:
    • At least 10 training hours must be Contact Hours.
    • No more than 20 training hours may be Non-Contact Hours.
  • Teaching or training hours prior to registration do not count as Continuing Education.
  • If you earn more than the required hours in a two year period, the extra hours may be rollovered into the next period only.
  • Continuing Education hours must be new courses you never taken before.
  • Contact hours mean in person hours and none contact hours are those done away from an instructor, not in person
  • Continuing Education may be done by a CE provider who meets either of the following:
  1. Who is ERYT 200 or higher and who is currently registered with us, or
  2. Someone who has 5 years of experience and  education related to the topic they are teaching.