Anyone who has received a service or product from a teacher or school  member of  our organization can file a complaint. All complaints are handled at no charge.

To be transparent  all particulars and evidence to support a complaint will be shared with all defendants in a complaint.  We divide complaints into minor complaints, which do not require a hearing and  can result in warnings to corrective measures and serious complaints which are presided over by our  complaint committee and were all sides will be able make oral argument based on their written submissions and evidence and can result in temporary suspension leading up to full expulsion of a membership with us.

Importance Notices:

1. Prior to lodging a complaint it is expected you  have fully read the  Code  available on this website.

2. A Complaint filed will not be considered if filed later than 120 days after the events or occurrences of complaint.

3. Prior to lodging the complaint, the complainer is expected to attempt to resolve the matter informally with the individual/s concerned (and we may ask for proof that you have done so).

4. Anonymous complaints will not be accepted.

5. Complaints and additional documents are considered legally binding documents. Be aware that anything you write can be used against you.

6. Complaints that are incomplete will not be accepted.

7. Please send all documents to support your complaint via the online complaint form (see below):