Steps To Becoming Certified Yoga Teacher:

  1. Application – Fill out an application and submit the required certificates to
  2. Pay – The application fee
  3. Pass Certification Exams – Once your application and documents have been received and approved and the application fee is paid, you can then take the practical exam and take the written exam for designation you seek:

       *if you are ready to write the written exam then email us at For more details on               how to prep for the written exam click here.

       *If you want to submit your 15 minute sample class click here to know how prepare for your sample exam &                   when it’s done please email it to us at

        4. Receive Registration and Have Your Name Entered Into Our Roster – Once you have written and             practical exams we will assess both (takes a week to complete). If you pass both you will receive a  registration             email: you will received a certificate, your name will be entered onto our Teachers Roster and a profile will be               created for you.